About us

Hitco Petroleum has been strategically positioned to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage to achieve its vision.

Our Mission

To create value for our Customers through excellence and innovation
To be responsible partners with respect to safety and environmental impact of all our operations and services
To run the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth
To recruit, retain and reward a high-performance workforce

Our Vision

“To be the leading and preferred supplier and transporter of petroleum products, both locally and regionally, driven by excellence, innovation and reliability”

Our Core Values

Excellence in Customer Service – We will always strive to satisfy our customers’ needs.
Professionalism – We will always approach our work with professionalism.
Integrity – We will always be truthful and honest with our customers.
Teamwork – We value working with others as a team

Reliability – Our word will always be our bond
Corporate Social Responsibility – We will always support the communities within which we operate.
Innovation – We will develop new products and services that satisfy customer needs.

Our Commitment

At Hitco Petroleum, our commitment is simple. We strive to instill trust in each one of our clients and stakeholders, working relentlessly to maintain long-standing relationships with our clientele. We believe in a transparent business model, keeping open and frequent communication with our investors to not only ensure their peace of mind, but to allow them access to the economic value of their investment.

Everything you expect from a trusted company

Hitco Petroleum is a leading, regional petroleum distribution company that also specializes in transport logistics. Incorporated as a limited liability company in Zambia, Hitco Petroleum predominantly carries on the business of retail and wholesale distribution of oil and petroleum products. It is also involved in providing other support services such as Transport and Logistics, Truck Stop and Hospitality services.

Led by a dynamic manage- ment team, Hitco Petroleum has been strategically positioned to achieve a sustainable competi- tive advantage to achieve its Vision. This is further enabled by the proper deployment of good corporate governance and risk management practices. In fulfilling our vision, we shall continue to build and improve the capacity of the communities we operate in.

These communities will be engaged in activities that ensure develop- ment and economic empowerment. Strict adherence to our belief in the preservation of the environment shall be enforced. We shall always endeavour to be responsible corporate citizens.

Hitco Petroleum has a virile and very dynamic workforce that we like to refer to as our strength. This is in line with our mission to recruit, retain and reward a high-performance workforce.

This hardworking, virile and dynamic workforce is managed and controlled by a group of a highly competent management team with tonnes of experience in the petroleum sector, giving our company an edge over others in terms of productivity and service delivery to our shareholders and clients respectively.

We have a qualified system for accessing key skills and experience to ensure that our staff and consultants have significant and relevant experience relative to the job they are assigned. The company ensures continuous professional development for our team and allocates significant resources to various unique training and development programs.

Creating an environment that supports professionalism integrity and innovation have led to a higher performance team. We have a non-discriminatory work policy which is in consonance with the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions.

Our People

Community Service

At Hitco Petroleum, our mission is to create a work environment in which the host communities and the company become fundamentally interdependent. This is done with a mutual understanding and commitment to growth and development. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is based on the following objectives:

Integrated planning and execution of community development programs, with full community input and participation
Sustainable empowerment of the indigenous host communities through the provision of employment and improved social welfare
Adoption of best practices that guarantee community-friendly operations.
We value sustainable and mutual growth together with the local communities where we actually operate. We have actively engaged in community-based activities that contribute to society, offering support both materially and morally.

Hosting a youth development program, actively participating in local traditional events, and sponsoring local professional sports teams are just some examples. Most importantly, we aspire to social development which enhances mutual prosperity in the local community through our sound and stable business activities.

We are determined to contribute to benefits for the whole society through our business activities and products, and to carry out initiatives in Zambia and all other communities where we operate, whereby we pursue the greater trust and support of the community.

Hitco Petroleum keenly advises clients, partners and staff on equitable levels of environmental safeguards to be incorporated to a project where a hazard may not be covered by regulations or the client’s policy. We strive to preserve a clean and healthy environment at all times. Hitco Petroleum is bound by the following principles:

The ultimate responsibility for the protection of the environment is with senior management, who in turn ensure that every employee is accountable for meeting the company’s environmental goals.
Our goal is zero spills and environmental releases.
We operate in a manner that protects the environment, which is the top priority of our operational plans.
We have the relevant Insurance covers and a Contingency Response Unit to respond to emergencies


Occupational Health, Safety & Security Policies

We are strongly committed to sound practices in all aspects of our business. This is to prevent injury and protect all employees and subcontractors from work hazards and occupational diseases in the execution of their responsibilities.

The corporate policy statements that have been duly endorsed by the Directors of the company and signed by the Managing Director explicitly state that: “All Hitco Petroleum employees are responsible for protecting the Environment, Health, Safety and Security of her workers, Customers, Contractors and the Community in which she does business according to this policy”.

This policy is applicable to all our partners-employees, client, contractors, and visitors. All incidents, near misses and potential hazards that might lead to injuries to personnel or damage to equipment and the environ- ment must be reported immediately to the nearest HSSE Representative.

Hitco Petroleum regards the protection of the Environment and promotion of Health and Safety measures at all levels of its operations as paramount to the way in which it conducts its activities.

Hitco Petroleum provides and maintains a safe, pollution free and healthy working environment by complying with all applicable statutory guidelines, regulations and laws.

To this end, all employees, contractors and customers are adequately trained to ensure that they work safely in their respective functions and to protect the environment.