To support our Transport and Logistics operations, HITCO has invested in developing a state-of-the art Truck Stop/Inn. It is strategically situated along a major transit corridor that links Eastern and Southern Africa. It is situated at the outskirts of Ndola in Zambia. Anyone passing through here must stop here. This Truck Stop/Inn has a Restaurant where itinerants can have a drink and a meal of their choice. It also has clean sanitary facilities for use by both males and females.

The Truck Stop/Inn can comfortably accommodate a total of 150 Trucks and trailers. It is fully compacted and well maintained. It has 24/7 security with an all round electric fence, CCTV Cameras, armed security guards and dog handlers. HITCO has also taken up appropriate Insurance for the premises. These arrangements make the Truck Stop/Inn to be very secure. In the future, HITCO aspires to construct and provide accommodation facilities.